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On behalf of Neuroscience Society of Nepal and IBRO/APRC Neuroscience School Nepal, I would like to give sincere thanks to all IBRO/APRC Neuroscience School participants, speakers, well-wishers and supportive staffs.  

It is really a matter of pride and feeling  great pleasure that we have  received enormous financial and moral support from IBRO headquarter, IBRO/APRC and other well-wishers during difficult situation in Nepal due to big earthquake and other domestic circumstances such as Indian embargo (from September to beginning of February 2016).

We are very proud to announce that the first IBRO School was very successful in all aspects – accommodation , local hospitality, academically and perfectly matched the theme of School- based on speakers and student participants feedback. Participants are from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Iran and speakers from Japan, Malaysia, Iran, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia and America.  Professor Dr Jibraj Pokhrel, Vice Chancellor, Nepal Academy of science and Technology (NAST) inaugurated School. 

We also received generous support by APRC under APRC Visiting Exchange Lecturer Program for the first annual meeting of Neuroscience Society of Nepal (NSN). Under this program, speakers from America, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal presented their latest findings related to Clinical as well Basic Neuroscience Researches.

Despite short notice and other domestic difficulties, there were around hundred participants (excluding School participants) who attended the conference and around 20 Nepali participants presented their findings in poster and oral session.

Immediately after NSN  academic meeting i.e. we had business meeting of NSN which unanimously approved and reelected the current officers (Executives of current NSN board including President, Vice President, General Secretary , Treasurer etc.)  to continue their post for until 2nd annual meeting of NSN.

Dear NSN members,

It gives us another immense pleasure to inform you that the IBRO President  Professor  Pierre Magistretti has sent us letter stating that the application of  our Neuroscience Society of Nepal for Corporate Membership in the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) has been approved by  IBRO Executive Committee, imparting all the rights, benefits and responsibilities.

Now we, NSN is a sole representative of IBRO and our society is part of the IBRO Asia Pacific Regional Committee (IBRO-APRC). Congratulations to all members of NSN!!!!

We believe and we promise you all that in future as a member of NSN, you will get several opportunities to start and continue your dream to become Neuroscientists of Nepal.

See you all in next NSN meeting, symposium and School.

5th Annual Conference of Neuroscience Society of Nepal

08 2024 Feb

Beyond Neurons: Synapsing Mind with AI In a groundbreaking exploration of the intersection between neuroscience and artificial intelligence, the 5th Annual Conference of the Neuroscience Society of Nepal is set to take place on May 8th, 2024, at the Nepal Academy of Science & Technology in Lalitpur. The theme for this year's conference, "Beyond Neurons: […]


IBRO-ADVANCED SCHOOL “Psychophysiology of neurological disorders: genomics and non-genomics perception”

06 2023 Dec

Welcome to the Advanced School on Psychophysiology in Neuroscience! Discover the intricacies of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders through cutting-edge genomic and non-genomic approaches at our immersive two-week educational program. This initiative aims to connect Nepali and other Asia-Pacific students with distinguished scientists, providing mentorship to enhance understanding in the realm of psychophysiology. About the School: […]


IBRO-APRC School on Understanding Neuroscience and the Spectrum of Neurogenetic Disorders – IBRO

20 2021 May

Event Detials: IBRO-APRC School on Understanding Neuroscience and the Spectrum of Neurogenetic Disorders - IBRO


IBRO-APRC Nepal School on Understanding of Neuroscience and Spectrum of Neurogenetic Disorders

13 2019 Nov

This IBRO-APRC Nepal School 2020 will include hands-on training with the theme “Understanding of Neuroscience and Spectrum of Neurogenetic Disorders”. It will provide participants with practical knowledge of state of the art on karyotyping, immunohistochemistry and neuroinformatics. As well as demonstrating methods – PCR,  next-generation sequencing to understand the subcellular basis of neuronal functions and […]



10 2018 Jun

Final Reports of School Out of 24 selected students, 20 students were from six different countries – Nepal, India, China, Thailand, News Zealand and Cuba (studying in China) — attended the IBRO Associate School held in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal from 8-12 May, 2018. Professor Dr. Parasar Prasad Koirala, Chairman, University Grant Commission Nepal ( ) […]


Neuroscience Society of Nepal now a member of Federation of the Asian-Oceanian Neuroscience Societies

27 2018 Mar

To all members of NSN! It is our immense and great pleasure to announce that Neuroscience Society of Nepal has become a new member of FAONS (Federation of the Asian-Oceanian Neuroscience Societies with effective from 19th March 2018. On behalf of the Council of the Federation of the Asian-Oceanian Neuroscience Societies (FAONS), the president - […]


Brief Report of Neuroscience-Neurology Symposium 2017 from Neuroscience Society of Nepal

31 2017 Oct

Neuroscience Society of Nepal (NSN), with support of Kathmandu Center for Genomics and Research Laboratory (KCGRL) and Neurology Association of Nepal (NAN), organized the Neuroscience-Neurology Symposium (NeuroSymposium -2017) on 13th October, 2017. The purpose of the symposium were following: 1. Create a platform to bring together neuroscientists and neurologists and encourage collaboration on fundamental neuroscience […]


Membership of Neuroscience Society of Nepal

13 2017 Mar

For those who are willing to acquire or renew the membership of Neuroscience Society of Nepal (NSN), we are pleased to announce that NSN has planned to distribute and renew  its membership. Membership Fee New Membership valid for one year = Rs. 1,000 Renewal of Membership (valid for one year) = Rs. 1,000 Lifetime Membership […]


Neuroeducation on Psychological Disorders – mass hysteria – in Rural Government School in Nepal

18 2017 Jan

The objective of global advocacy program of neuroeducation to psychological disorder – mass hysteria – in rural government school in Nepal broadly involved several components - society, brain and education. We successfully conducted the program on 10-12 January 2017. Our team included two Clinical doctors, two Neuroscientists, three Clinical Physiologists and Anatomists, a local focal […]


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