Final Reports of School

Out of 24 selected students, 20 students were from six different countries – Nepal, India, China, Thailand, News Zealand and Cuba (studying in China) — attended the IBRO Associate School held in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal from 8-12 May, 2018. Professor Dr. Parasar Prasad Koirala, Chairman, University Grant Commission Nepal ( ) inaugurated the school and spoke about the possibilities and ways for grant for neuroscience research in Nepal and regional  collaboration for those working in government and community medical college and hospital. He also gave a sincere thanks to IBRO and its regional committee for its kind of regular support in Nepal.   All the participants and domestic as well foreign speakers stayed at Hotel Marshyangdi, Thamel throughout the School and some foreign participants and IBRO speakers and IBRO Visiting Lecture Program speakers stayed after the completion of school to attend the third annual Meeting of NSN as well.  As we know that the Neuroscience— the scientific study of the nervous system— is a multidisciplinary branch of biology and its scope has broadened over time to include different approaches used to study the brain and behavior for cure / treatment of different neurological disorders and has also given rise to other disciplines, such as neuroeducation, neuroethics, neurolaw, and neuroecomomics. The techniques used by neuroscientists have also expanded enormously, from molecular and cellular studies of individual neuron, including electrophysiology to imaging of sensory and motor tasks in the brain. We believe that the theme of this School– Electrophysiological Enlightenment of System Neuroscience – was relevant and timely.  During this five days of school,  15 different categories of lectures from eminent speakers were delivered that included neuronal electrophysiology and Imaging. In addition, there was student presentation (total five student speakers from 4 groups) and small group discussion also. Lectures included Plenary Lecture ( open for other than School participants also) Advanced Lecture, IBRO Lecture and Special Lecture delivered by speakers from News Zealand, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia and Thailand. Half day city tour, social cocktail gathering with cultural program were there for student participants and local sightseeing, cable car ride and cocktail dinners were there for all speakers.   On the last day of School, student participants were given feedback form and certificates. Based on their feedback, almost all participants (95%) gave very positive opinions regarding the theme of school, time, relevancy of lectures, quality of lectures, social gathering, culture program and friendly people with very efficient of organizing team etc. Around 50% students requested for hands-on training in next school and 15% asked for 100% coverage of their travel fare. However, we have provided 95% coverage of their travel grant (saying partial support) for foreign participants and 100% for domestic participants.

Equally, the foreign speakers and domestic speakers gave very encouraging feed back to us, were very friendly with student participants and gave extra time for informal discussion, stayed throughout the program and few speakers promised to give opportunity for domestic participants for PhD, fellowship and training in near future.

We very proudly announce that this second IBRO Associate School, 2018 was very much as like previous one in all aspects- accommodation, food, and local hospitality and academic and was remarkably praised by all.

3rd NSN Meeting Report

On 12th May, 2018 immediately after School, we had third Annual meeting of NSN.

During NSN meeting—despite short notice—there were around seventy five participants (excluding School participants) who attended the NSN meeting and 24 presentations were there, 18 poster and remaining oral presentations. In oral session, four IBRO Visiting Lecturers from Thailand, India, Malaysia and Japan presented their research findings. Professor Dr. Anjani Kumar Jha, Chairman, Nepal Health Research Council ( ) inaugurated the NSN meeting. About 130 total NSN members are updated after this 3rd Annual Meeting of NSN.

Immediately after NSN  academic meeting i.e. on 13th May, 2018  we had business meeting of NSN which unanimously approved the current officers (Executives of current NSN board including President, Vice President, General Secretary , Treasurer etc.) and giving acting treasurer to Dr Barun Mahat to continue their post for until  next annual meeting of NSN.

Conclusively, we believe the participants had a very fruitful and gratifying session, and I too believe that we were able to provide the flavor of IBRO School culture to all participants.

Thank you again


On Behalf of School organizing committee and Neuroscience Society of Nepal

Dr Sunil Dhungel, Organizer

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