It gives us immense pleasure to announce the initiation of a neuroscience community in Nepal under the name of Neuroscience Society of Nepal (NSN). NSN is registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) under the act of organization registration in government of Nepal (Registration No: 4139/071) and affiliated as a non profitable organization to Social Welfare Council (SWC Affiliation No: 40905). We are a group of neuroscientists/ preclinical graduates and physician who studied neuroscience (such as neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neurochemistry, neuroimmunology, neurogenetics etc) involving the study of brain and nervous system and are actively involved in preclinical/ basic / clinical research and teaching learning activities.

Visualization of NSN was first brought up in the year 2009 with joint effort of Dr. Sunil Dhungel, Dr. Ajaya Jung Kunwar, Dr. Dhiraj Maskey, Dr. Dilip Rai, and others when they were pursuing PhD/Post Doctorate in neuroscience in Japan, Germany and South Korea respectively. Before the formal conception and registration, Dr. Dhungel, Dr. Kunwar and Dr. Laxmi Parajuli realized the importance of neuroscience society in their homeland during the Society of Neuroscience (SFN) conference held in Chicago, 2009. Later on, in the mid of 2012 at Nepalese Army Institute of Health Science (NAIHS), the concept of registration of neuroscience society speeded up after Mr. Krishna Deo Sharma joined NAIHS. During the Annual Conference of Physiology and Applied Sciences (ACPAS-2013), we successfully organized a neuroscience symposium which was one of the most successful events presented by prominent neuroscientists from Japan, India, Sweden, Israel and Nepal. Renowned neuroscientists like Prof. Yasuo Sakuma (NMS, Japan), Prof. Sivert Lindstrom Visiting Professor, Physiology (KMC, Nepal) and other neuroscientist from Germany, South Korea and USA encouraged and advised us to form an organization in our home country.

The formal registration of NSN started by day and night enormous effort by few enthusiastic neuroscientists (from Nepalese Army institute of Health Sciences and Birat Medical College) and is now growing in sizable form with each passing day.

The main and sole objective of NSN is to promote research in any branch of Neuroscience in particular by dissemination of information, by arrangement of annual meetings, workshop, training and finally publishing journal. Being a non-profitable academic organization we have social responsibilities. NSN aims to organize brain awareness week in community schools in Nepal with support from national and international bodies.

The NSN cordially invites you all to join as a member, support us to achieve our goal and objectives.


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